Thursday, May 7, 2009

Late Night Thoughts

*If you read this post as anything in the political arena, I am Drew Johnston, nice to meet you. I care very little about politics as I think it is such a poopshow in the US. If I wanted to listen to a bunch of people lie to my face, I would go to law school. I am a firm George Washingtonian.

Anyways, it is 4am here. I know I shouldn't be up, but my mind is racing. To be in a country this different from your own is to give your brain a drug that it just hasn't experienced before. When I went to the Alfa Market last night, a basketball rolled over to my feet, and a kid, probably about 7, yelled for me to kick it back. I of course did, only for him to laugh at my lack of soccer ability. He has probably been playing futbol with a basketball for 6.5 years, and he is much better than myself. I laid down about 2:30 and woke up about an hour later with the following thought.

I am firmly in the camp that those that work hard and get rewarded for it deserve it. I take every challenge put before me as another hurdle that I can't wait to get over. However, everybody in life gets put at a different starting point. Saying that people make their own fate can only rationalize it so far.

There are 6.5B people on this earth. There are somewhere in the vicinity of 200 countries that you can be born into. Getting born into a developed country is a blessing that is a little hard to understand/appreciate. (and I am only about 1% of the way towards understanding) Moreover, if you reading this, you were born into a family that is supportive, ambitious, and AAKA (all around kickass). It is like winning the lottery, but you get to win it everyday for your whole life. Today I rode on the bus, I talked to businessmen and businesswomen, I kicked around a soccer/basketball, I talked to as many Eqyptians as would listen to me.....they all love this country, and they well should, but there is no reason to not look back at what we have been blessed with and have anything but complete appreciation

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